About our Train

In 1978 two Western Mining employees, Bryan Smith and Mike Wheeler, railway enthusiasts, decided to have one last run on the Loopline before it disappeared. They used a Wickham Rail Car and a weekend tourist run seemed viable.

During this period, the Loopline Tourist Railway operated a variety of ex-WA Government Railways coaching stock and locomotives, including a dining car, purchased from Westrail, which was restored by the Loopline Society.

In 1982 the Loopline commenced full time operations and continued until January 2004 when it was necessary for KCGM to claim the track so as to allow expansion of the current Super Pit operations.

Golden Mile Loopline Railway Society continues to grow with Future Development and Restoration of its Heritage Trains and Tracks.  We are planning out future designs to incorporate and build new tracks, stages are listed for improvement:

Stage 1: Boulder to the Superpit Lookout

Stage 2: Top end of Hannan St - WA Museum

Stage 3: Hannan’s North Tourist Mine

We have been successful with funding applications from the WA State Government – Royalties for Regions program.

Golden Mile Loopline Railway Society are hoping to have accreditation presently to allow us to proceed with the installation of track. Progression and dismantling of the old track in readiness of the new is about to commence.

KCGM have been incredibly generous with their in kind donations and are currently assisting with the project by building the ramp incline to give the train access to the Super Pit Lookout.

GMLRS is extremely excited about initially running a B Class Diesel Locomotive with an 80 seater passenger carriage on the tracks once finished.

Volunteer Appreciation

We are very fortunate here at the Golden Mile Loopline Railway Society to have such an enormous volunteer base and they assist in the workshops and yards as well as create some of our unique and quirky items in our Museum Shop.

The volunteers come from a variety of programs such as Work for the Dole, Department of Justice, Kalgoorlie Boulder Volunteer Centre, students from Kalgoorlie Boulder Community High School and Eastern Goldfields College to develop and improve their workplace training skills.

All of these programmes assist GMLRS, the local community and the individuals involved in achieving a common goal, giving back and providing valuable work experience. We appreciate all the assistance that we have been given throughout the time and without the generosity of the community the GMLRS would not be open today.